7 reasons why Email Marketing is important for Small Businesses

7 reasons why Email Marketing is important for Small Businesses

“Marketing is contemporarily known as the flow of goods and services from the producer to the consumer”. This type of marketing is obviously outdated and boring. Marketing today is a much wider process to sell your products and connect to the right audience. An effective and profitable way to connect with your community is Email marketing. Email Marketing is the personalized process of sending e-mails to your clients and communicating and engaging with them. I’m sure you receive several emails a day from different businesses and companies. But how many of those do you actually read or pay attention to? And if you did, what was the reason behind it? Think about it, you will get a better idea why email marketing is so important anyway!

Why should you as a small business adopt an email marketing strategy? Here are 7 benefits that would convince you to curate an email marketing strategy for your small business.

1. Retain Customers

Retaining old customers is more cost-effective than finding new customers. Thus, it is more profitable. Encouraging your customers to utilize your goods and services repeatedly turns just customers into loyal customers. With e-mail marketing, you can build a solid customer base and a customer community. But how? Well simple, send out discount vouchers, best deals, subscription or free giveaways emails exclusive to certain segments of your past customers.

2. Drive More Sales

Adding one more promotion channel to your already existing promotion channels is a way to increase your sales. Customers who receive email promotions spend 138% more than those who don't. E-mails have a high conversion rate which means greater sales. Again how? Curate content your customers want. See analytics through the open rate of your emails and judge what are those ones that get the most response? Grab on to the idea and send more emails with such content.

3. Lesser Investment and More Returns

The investments in an email marketing campaign are very little compared to the benefits received. Some e-mail marketing applications like sendinblue and Mailchimp provide free usage to send out a limited amount of emails per month. They even have freemium versions where you can send up to 300 emails per day. Comparing these to the conversions you would have, The ROI (return on investment) for Email marketing campaigns goes as high as 4400%. 

Grow your subscribers (something to discuss in our next blog), and start the email campaigns today.

A Demo on what Shopify email campaigns reports look like

4. Engage and Build a Relationship With Customers

E-mail marketing enables you to communicate and engage with your audience effectively. You can understand your customers' likes, dislikes, buying behavior, etc. with two-way E-mail communication. This would help in designing better products and marketing campaigns and also build a relationship with your customers that is mutually valuable.

Avoid using no-reply emails settings as it would be a huge turn off on the part of your audience who wants to speak with you.

I know, it is overwhelming to receive many responses in return and to answer all of them, but then, at least that shows that your audience likes your content and wants to speak with you too just like you wish to communicate with them.

5. Build a Brand Through Consistent Communication

You can not only build a customer base but also a brand tone and communication through e-mail marketing. Strategically positioning yourself in the customer’s mind, creating a positive perspective of your goods or services is easier with e-mail marketing. Establish your brand, and gain a competitive advantage through communication that is consistent.

Use your colors, logo, templates, language and any other branding features in the emails to stay consistent and not vanish from your customers' heads.

6. Promote More Products

Once you have a channel of consistent communication, you can promote a variety of products. This would help in driving up the sales of less-selling products. Upselling and cross selling through emails has been years old practice and yes, it is effective. Your audience would love to check out a better version or a cheaper version of their latest purchase or the products that they have been browsing through. Alternatively, send out free shipping, discount codes, sale deals to first time customers or second time repeat purchasers to show that you care about their pockets too.

7. Increase Conversion Rates

99% of clients check their emails on a daily basis. This is more true if your client base is the working class citizen. Highly profitable, better ROI, consistency, competitive advantage, more sales, and a lot more! The benefits of email marketing keep piling up.

So that's about email marketing from our small business to yours!

Some steps for you to follow now:

  • Make an email list. 
  • Collect the emails of your clients and add them to your email marketing list. You can collect emails with the help of forms and sign-ups. 
  • Then choose your Email service provider. Rainvas uses sendinblue, Mailchimp or Shopify email campaigns.
  • Create an attractive subject line, emphasizing on the benefits the reader will receive. Make it attractive enough for viewers to click on the e-mail.
  • Write a clear and holistic description. 
  • Include visuals in your email. High quality images that talk more about the email content.
  • Be simplistic. Quality over quantity. Include good and helpful information in the email.
  • Don’t undermine the power of Call to action buttons. Think of a highly converting call to action which would help you close more sales.

Start working on your new E-mail marketing strategy immediately. 

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