6 No-barter Instagram Collab Ideas for Small Businesses

6 No-barter Instagram Collab Ideas for Small Businesses

Are you a small business owner? If yes, then you probably collab with influencers or other businesses in a barter way. This can be very hefty on your pocket sometimes as the results of the collab are unpredictable, right? However, we can solve this problem for you with no-barter collabs. You don't know how the no-barter collabs work? Well then, we have got you some amazing no-barter collab ideas for your promotion on Instagram. Let us check them out!

1) Host an Insta live together

By partnering with businesses in your niche or those sharing similar values, you can organize Instagram Live sessions together. With aligned interests, your audience will likely share mutual enthusiasm, potentially resulting in significant follower growth and increased publicity for all involved.
As a brand, we have collaborated with a couple of other craft related business, craft a sea and craftastique on Instagram for lives and tutorials on Instagram. Besides them, we also collaborated with a small business that consisted of IG experts, Scoop my art in the same way.
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2- Start a hashtag challenge together

You can start a hashtag challenge with a social cause. Come up with ideas to drive the audience's interest and align your hashtag in a way that it coincides with the trends. Starting a hashtag challenge is a fun technique to boost your brand's image and this method is often adopted by the entertainment industry for promotions.

Rainvas previously teamed up with The Dreamy Saga and Girl Power Talk to champion both a cause and their business simultaneously. Under the hashtag #thesheboss, they spotlighted the journey of women navigating both personal and professional spheres, shedding light on the challenges they encounter and how they triumph over them.
This collaboration brought together women from all three pages, encouraging them to step forward and share their stories. It led to a wonderful exchange of followers and potential customers for Rainvas, The Dreamy Saga, and Girl Power Talk, spreading positivity and support throughout our communities.

3- Run a giveaway or contest together

If you can connect with brands planning giveaways, collaborating on contests or giveaways can be a fantastic idea. By sharing the expenses and offering products from both your businesses, you create a more enticing opportunity for your audience. This way, participants have a better chance of winning either prize, making the contest even more appealing.
Our small business collaborated several times for joint giveaways and contests and the results have been amazing. We have a complete blog post dedicated to Giveaways 

4- Take over each others' Instagram stories for a week

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Collaborating on a swap story schedule with other businesses can be a great strategy. You can exchange content for each other's stories over a set period, capturing each other's audience's attention. However, it's crucial to choose collaborators carefully for this no-barter partnership. Look for brands with different goals to avoid competition or conflicts. This ensures a harmonious and mutually beneficial collaboration.
This form of cross promotion is often done on a lower scale as shoutout for shoutout and follow for follow by small businesses.

5- Keep one week sale for your products together

This collaboration strategy involves both brands launching either a combo or a hamper containing products from both. They promote it at a discounted price, providing customers with a price benefit while expanding their audience through cross-promotion. Another approach is to cross-promote each other's products through regular Instagram and Facebook stories, offering all products at a sale price for a week. Both methods aim to leverage each other's audiences for mutual benefit while providing value to customers.

6- Make an appearance in each other’s feed/video

Make an appearance means making a remix reel or creating reels like transition reels that was most famous and trending during the Covid-19 outbreak. During that time, even celebrities were making appearance in the videos of other celebrities through transition reels. It is the most fun way of collaboration for small businesses and to get introduced to a new audience.
All these non-barter collab ideas are never exploited to their utmost extent. However, we are suggesting them only after practically experimenting with them. So, these ideas are quite amazing with results in little to no promotional expenses. 
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