5 packaging ideas for your small business

5 packaging ideas for your small business

I am sure you have heard of the line “ Packaging is the first impression you give your customers of you”, and it's very true to its core.
Packaging is essential not only for safety but also marketing. Started off with baskets, wooden boxes, etc. Evolved into steel containers, bubble wrap, and a lot more. 
There are tons of different packaging to choose from. But the difficult part is choosing the optimal option for your business and products. There are three factors to choose from for your products, “Safety, Security, and Communication.” Your package should be safe, free of damage from shocks, vibrations, and impact while transportation, and also from environmental influences like humidity, temperature, etc. Your package should not be tampered with, if you are transporting expensive material it should be safe from theft, pilferage, etc. The package should be attractive and convenient for the consumer. 

Choosing the perfect type of packaging might prove difficult for your business. Rainvas and other buddy businesses have collectively made a packaging guide to help you. 

1. Bakery packaging  

Delicacies by Chaynika is a small business bakery brand based in India and here's what they have to suggest about packaging-

Chaynika says, “Unlike all the big fishes of the sea who have their own customized packaging from printed boxes to bags and pouches, we use sustainable paper boxes and eco-friendly bags with our logo on them. Your packaging tells a lot about your brand and about yourself too. As a small home bakery owner, I try to source most of the raw materials as well as packaging locally so that whenever I need I can get it easily also I don’t have to buy the things in bulk and can maintain the quality of the products throughout.”

Festive packaging for your bakery?

Your packaging should be more festive for festivals like Diwali/Holi/Christmas. Try to use bright colors and you can try to use packaging which is reusable by your customers. I am adding a few pictures of our recent Diwali hampers, I bought the packaging when I was traveling to Delhi for some personal work, as a small business owner traveling to big cities can be very beneficial to your brand, you get a lot of ideas about different things present at the market which are not available in small towns. I advise you to keep your eyes open for the things you can use for your small business.

Glass jars, diyas and sweets inside a box

Festivals are a great time to go out of ordinary and regular patterns and play around with creatvity. Not lying to you, but sometimes people prefer one brand over another because they loved the packaging so much.

Talk to Chaynika and get to know her bakery business on Instagram

2.  Home décor Packaging ideas

The Dreamy Saga is a small business décor brand based in India and they make macrame products like wall hangings, bags, planters and dreamcatchers. Here's what they have to suggest about packaging-

I keep packaging simple and vintage to give it a handmade touch and for that purpose, we use 2 types of packaging, one envelope packaging, and the other box packaging. Box packaging for mini products like accessories and envelope packaging for dreamcatchers, macrame products, and usually the big flat products that do not require boxes.

3 brown gift boxes wrapped with jute ribbons and flowers

Here is a check list by dreamy saga for you
1. Brown paper
2. Wax stamp
3. Dry leaves/flower
4. Paper doilies 
5. Business card
6. Handmade tag
6. Brown sellotape 
7. Bubble wrap (paper Bubble wrap)
8. Corrugated roll/ courier bag

 Brown paper boxes with white decoration and purple and yellow ribbons

Hand holding a brown envelope

Try to stock up on all or those things from this list that you want to incorporate into your brand. Last-minute packaging could be overwhelming and keeping a checklist can prove to be helpful in those times.
PS - Leave a handwritten note too that gives your brand a personalized touch.

Connect with The dreamy Saga's Priyanka on Instagram

3. Skincare Product Packaging ideas

Sobek naturals is a homegrown skincare and bath and body brand and the colors in their logo is just as soothing as nature is. This is because they want to represent who they are, organic and natural and thus is the packaging.


While the packing must be stackable and convenient. It must be safe and damage-free. Soap boxes are kept in bigger carton boxes filled with paper shreds to avoid transit damages. Paper shreds ensures safety of the package, recycling of old paper and switch from plastic to eco-friendly products.

A hand holding white paper shreds on brown backdrop

Use soothing colors. If your skincare brand has pop colors products, then it is okay to go ahead with bold colors in your branding
The jars are glass jars that have a label with all ingredients' names on it (which becomes mandatory to add if you are running skincare and makeup brand because people should be aware of any ingredients that won't suit their skin)

A green glass jar with sobek whipped cream soap with one scoop green cream on left
The voucher cards and thank you cards are also made in brand colors and contain all the instructions to use that product on the back of it a customer might want to know.

If you are thinking of replicating, this is the simplest and coolest of ideas to follow and pursue to make your packaging a success!

Connect and learn more about sobek bath and body business on Instagram 

4. Handmade gifts packaging ideas

Rainvas is a small business gifting brand based in a small town in India and they have been in this business for 4-5 years as of now. To quote their team, “ We have been serving our clients with our products for 6 years for now (on the date of writing this blog) and have rebranded us multiple times in this period which is not suggested but we had to evolve because we did not understand packaging as deeply as we do now.”

Gift packing and its aesthetic are as important as the gift. It not only adds an element of surprise but also makes the receiver feel special because of the extra effort. 

Here are some suggestions for you if you are a gift store:

  • Don't overwhelm your customers with too many elements. Our checklist consists of wrapping paper, labels, carton boxes, bubble wraps and a thank you card. Why keep it minimal ? Because your customer is probably going to regift this product to their loved ones and might not need much of your extra items put in the box. So it is a complete waste of time and effort.
  • Rainvas is a colorful brand and so they use lots of colors in their packages as is obvious by the photograph here. They do this to be remembered for their pop colors and funky style.
  • You can always ask your client about the kind of packaging they might prefer. For reference, if they would like you to gift wrap the product for their friends or would they like to do so themselves. Another great question might be if they would like to add a personal message with the box and just those tiny details that makes a present perfect to be gifted ahead.

Check out what Rainvas Instagram branding looks like.

5. Jewelry packaging ideas

The Serene by Rainvas is another collection of Rainvas itself which is completely dedicated to handcrafted jewellery. Jewellery packaging should express the values incorporated itself. Why? Because that is the kind of audience you will attract. Our brand represents Indian, traditional and elegant and thus we use Shades of brown and classic Font type.

  • Use brand-relevant packaging. This can be done by utilizing your own brand colors to pack i.e boxes, wrapping, business cards, thank you cards, etc.
  • Jewelry is fragile and must be handled and transported with care. Using an optimal amount of fillers and safety wrapping is essential. Use plastic bags to avoid rusting and environmental damage
  • Envelopes, different papers, boxes, plastics, zip locks, cloth bags the list is never-ending. 
  • Accessories businesses have the freedom to optimize packing relevant to each product.
  • Earrings, rings, pendants, etc. are perfect for zip locks and mini boxes. Belts, scrunchies, etc. might need a bit more room and safer packing.
  • Add in Freebies, vouchers, and business cards. Build a relationship with the customer. Having that personal touch is what makes a small business stand apart. 
  • Make sure your jewelry is nicely stuck inside the box or envelope you are keeping them in to make sure it does not leave spaces at the corners otherwise your jewelry might get displaced and that is not a very good first impression.

 A hand packing something inside white box with brown honey comb on it

  • Use colors relevant to your brand. Good color choices for handmade jewelry could be pastel shades of brown, pink, green, and beige. 

 A hand crafting jewellery with a box of material and some scattered beads around the hands

Get inspired by The serene by Rainvas branding and packaging 

Each business should use packaging according to its products and audience. The contrast in packing between a corporate gifting store and a jewellery business from home is significant. Freebies, business cards, and small notes go a long way toward customer satisfaction and loyalty.Add a personal touch to your packaging to show your customers how important they are. Being a green business adds positivity and goodwill to your brand. Most importantly, do not be afraid to try out new things and evolve in the process.

Your customers will genuinely support you with any step taken towards enhancing their experience with your business.

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