6 awesome giveaway and freebies ideas for small businesses

6 awesome giveaway and freebies ideas for small businesses

We all are aware of those small and promising businesses around us. They are not only a business but someone's dreams and hope. We often come across them on social media platforms via recommendations or advertisements. There are various types of small businesses including craftwork, accessory, paintings, dresses, journals, and so on. 
One thing that is common in all the small businesses is that they conduct some contests and giveaways and often give away freebies. But, what is the best type of giveaway to promote your small business? How to send out freebies? Even if the things that go out as freebies or giveaway prizes are not too overboard, but they mean a lot to a small business owner. So, it is important to find out the answers of the above-mentioned questions.


Let us first talk about the giveaway ideas that can we have in our bucket for you. Also, you can rest assure, we have already experimented with all the below-mentioned ideas. So, you are going to get some experienced advice.

1. Follow, Comment, and Win Giveaway-

This is the most common and widely popular type of giveaway that you will come across. As a small business, you can post a picture of the prize and ask the participants to follow, like, and comment on your post. There are a few variations to this type of giveaway though. Some require you to tag other people in the comments and make them follow the respective business. It gives "brownie points" to the participants. At the same time, other require you to post a story of the giveaway post and tag the small business.

In any of the above cases, the basic theme is "follow, comment, and win". At last the winners of the giveaway are chosen randomly and their account name is announced publicly.

2. Collaboration Giveaway-

This type of giveaway is beneficial in case you are not willing to bear all the expenses of the prize. And, is that even possible in practical? Of course, it is. Let us show you how.

You can collaborate with another small business, probably not your own competitor but maybe someone from your niche and both can together bear the expenses by preparing a common hamper for the winner with one-two prize items from both of you.

This type of giveaway is likely to bring more audience as both the audiences present in the followers of each collaborator will be able to participate and you might also end up cross gaining customers besides brining recommendation and credibility of the other brand as well.

3. Screenshot and Win Giveaway-

This is so far the easiest and most fun type of giveaway because audiences usually find it lazy and boring to follow and tag friends in comments section. At some point, it is even annoying. Isn't it? So, this screenshot and win type giveaway could break the monotony.

Then explain the rules of this giveaway in short and say that people might find it fun trying their luck capturing the right image on their phone.  

4. Cosplay Contest Giveaway-

If your audience is fun loving, active, and into fandoms like ours then this is for you. You can take a chance to ask your audience to dress up as their favorite characters and send you pictures, videos, or acts.

You can also set up simple rules on how one can participate and win the prize. It will give your brand a great exposure and advertise your products as well. Below is an example on how Rainvas did it.


Now, it is time to focus on the second part of our article, freebies. Nothing makes customers happy more than getting an unexpected free gift. As for small business, it is a way to express their gratitude towards customers who are supporting them.Let us tell you what can you send as freebies without suffering losses. Also, how you can turn this freebies thing into a pleasant collab.

5. Send out small samples of your newly launched products

Everybody likes to receive freebies with their orders and the secret is, this also creates the feeling of care and sweetness in the customers. Who knows they might be having a bad day and your freebies just makes them smile?

This is best for chocolate makers, bakers, and any other business that also creates inexpensive and small items that can be given away for free without bearing much loss.
Examples are hair pins, bows, printed masks, keychains, new flavor of chocolates, cookies, pickles sample or even if you don’t have these options, you can also give some small readymade items relevant to your products or your customer.

6. Freebies Collaborations

If you are not willing to bear all the expenses of the freebies then it is advised to even collaborate for this part too.

You may collaborate with another small business who just like you want to grow their business and spread the word about it. They can send you freebies collection in bulk and you can give out 1-2 of these in your packages along with their business card and logo. This way you and them, both get their purpose fulfilled. Both of you get to grow your business together and quickly.

You may even try this for yourself if you want to gain an audience base and reach more people quickly. 

Case study -

Rainvas collaborated with bath and body brand, Sobek Naturals where we would send out their natural soaps along with their cards to our clients on some minimum purchase and ask for feedback.
Fast forward, the soaps were loved so much that Sobek naturals sells its product range on Rainvas as a partner.
You can form long term business relationships through collaborations and giveaways. Trust me!
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