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8 Budget-Friendly Gifts and Return Gifts for Kids

When it comes to kids, keeping them entertained and smiling is the name of the game, right? And what better way to bring on the giggles and grins than with a delightful gift? Everyone loves surprises, especially the little ones, and the mere sight of gift wrap can send them into a river of excitement!

But let's not forget the challenge of choosing just the right return gifts that'll have the kids jumping for joy without breaking the bank. With a myriad of options out there, it's no easy feat! So, here are eight fantastic gift ideas that promise to keep the fun going for kids of all ages!

1 - Customized colorful bottles

We all know how kids love colours and more than that, they love to own what they own. Don't worry! Not trying to teach kids not to share but isn't it fun having something that has your name on it or better, your nickname.

Trust me, any kid who goes to school would love this utility gift packed with colors and uniqueness. Stay hydrated in style with this eye-catching accessory that is customised with your name or initials 

Personalised rainbow Temperature colour bottles

2- Storybooks and scrapbooks

Red pink and blue floral scrapbook cover on white grey backdrop

Kids are easily distracted, but their attention is commendable when listening to a story. You can try anything to distract them, but they will only let you go when the story is finished and they are done with the questions.

On this note, you can always look for storybooks with lots of pictures as a gift for a kid. This gift will not only keep them entertained but is also good for their intellect.

If you want something customized, scrapbooks that you can create yourselves with their favorite characters in it would be one of the best ideas to go with. If you are not creative yourself, there are plenty of options to order one and get a scrapbook customised for your kid by an artist.

3- Kids' Room Necessities:

Kids love accessories like piggybanks, cute table lamps, and pen holders. You can forget about aesthetics and abstract art while discussing kids' gifts. Instead, go for cutesy stuff with animation or cartoon shapes.

You can also gift them notebooks or folders with prints from their favorite cartoon show or series. Also, lunchboxes and bags can be great gifts for your little friend.

Oh I have another idea. Why not customised clocks? To keep them in check of time while also making their room look playful and fun.

Kids customized cartoon clock

 4- Cute character   soaps

If you are still not aware of these trending gifts, let me tell you about it. So these days, you can get  homemade soaps in shape of flowers, butterflies, unicorns, cartoons, toys and many many more that you can create a set of  and gift it to a kid on their special day. 

Kids toys shaped colorful soaps on a blue white backdrop

These soaps make their bathing time fun for the little ones and  easier for the mums (because let's face it, they deserve a break from the bath- time battles).

And here's the kicker – they're also a fantastic option for return gifts and party favors. Trying to find something that won't break the bank and will leave all the kids at the party smiling? Look no further!

5- Cartoon lunch boxes and cutlery

You know how tricky it can be to get kids to eat their veggies. But here's a tip that could make mealtimes a breeze!

Parents and kids alike would be thrilled if you got them their own set of fun, cartoon-themed dishes and cutlery. Picture this: your little one happily munching away on their greens, inspired by their favorite characters! It's a simple trick that could turn mealtime battles into a thing of the past.

6- Little customized wooden dolls

So, you're on the hunt for something extra special and imaginative for that special kiddo? No problem! Ever heard of wooden peg dolls?

If not, let me fill you in. These are adorable little miniatures, essentially tiny dolls crafted with personalized details. Believe me, kids would be absolutely thrilled to have a miniature version of themselves adorning their bedside table or living room. It's a surefire way to bring a smile to their faces!


7- Customized chocolates with photos of your kid

This one's a real winner, in my opinion. Seriously.

Just picture it: handing a child a chocolate bar with their own photo and name on the wrapper? The excitement is beyond words.

You can even order these personalized chocolates in bulk from various online sellers or artists. All they need are photos and names of the kids attending the event. Then, each child can search through the pile, eagerly hunting for their very own chocolate. Imagine the thrill on their faces as they find it!

8- Customized newspaper

So who collects the newspaper in your house everyday?

Let your sweet little child do that this morning and make sure you have turned the right page up with their photograph on it. Hahaha. How funny and thrilling would it be when they see a newspaper customized with their name, photos, funny titles and stories?

Like a headline saying - Poop party and a funny photograph from their baby pictures with it. You can be as creative as you want to be with these newspapers.

Cool gift idea for a kid? Isn't it?

Newspaper front page graphic with custom made birthday articles and headlines

But wait, there's more! The options are endless when it comes to gifting kids and planning return favors for them. From adorable towels and notebooks to toothbrushes, playing dough, toys, and beyond, there's something for every little one's taste.

Need more ideas and products to shop online for your kids? Head over to our store and let's get your shopping spree started!

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