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What is the concept of custom songs

Rainvas has partnered with Songbeatle to launch its own complete different song personalization gifts section. Now you can not only get custom made gifts but have your own songs written, sung and recorded in different versions and languages and gift it to your loved ones.

What is Songbeatle?

Songbeatle is India's first and currently the only customized song making company with such online interface and song delivery system along with lowest price in any market.

We at Songbeatle create customize song from scratch, that is ask you to write your story, and then lyrics are generated out of it, it is recorded and sung and give to you in digital format.

We make songs for

•For your loved ones birthday and anniversaries
•For corporate events and gifts like employee welcome, farewell etc.
•For wedding shoot, ladies sangeet, wedding presents for your fiancé etc.
•For companies and brands - their jingles and theme songs
•And others

Indian girl singing in studio

How many languages and artists are available?

Songbeatle currently has 35 artists from around India and the languages we can curate your songs in are Hindi, English, Bengali, Tamil, Telugu, Marathi, Khasi, Kumauni, Marwari, Punjabi & Nepali. However, if you have any other language requirement, please reach out to us.

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What makes us best personalized song company In India?

Songbeatle offers customised song at the cheapest prices in the market with most languages offered under one company. In same price you get lyrics, rhythm, different languages and vocals and recording done. We do not repeat the same melody and lyrics to make a fool out of our clients like most personalised song gift companies in India.

How do I place order for my song?

1- You can reach us here on WhatsApp with your questions and we will connect you to the concerned team member.
2- Artist write the song lyrics based upon the story or write up you provide us in our form.

3- New music is composed for your song by the artist and then do the vocals. The lyrics will be shown to you to proof read once only, you cannot make last minute changes after 1 revision.

4- The song is sung and recorded and a digital version in MP3 or other audio formats will be provided to you.

For wedding songs customisation?
Songs are based upon the story from groom and brides side or either one.

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What are our prices?

Prices for a 1min gift song
Acoustic version - ₹2699
Studio version - ₹4599

For 2 min gift song
Acoustic - ₹4599
Studio - ₹7999

For 3 min gift song
No Acoustic available
Studio - ₹9999

Please note that any few seconds addition to 2 min will make it to be considered as 3 min and so on. The prices are charged for anything extra and additional.

Prices for a Wedding song

(2 to 2.30 min) ₹10999

PS: If heavy customization is required then work may attract more charges. 

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1- What if the song and lyrics was not liked by me? Do you rewrite it. 

This won't happen because all the lyrics are written on the story provided by you, so you will be able to connect to each line. Editing or review will again attract extra charges at the starting (whether or not taken afterwards then) and time taken may increase.

We will show you lyrics once before recording the song.

To prove it we have 100% satisfaction rate till now without review. 

2- How will you be providing the song and in what format?

We will be delivering in wav file through email or Google drive or on Whatsapp as preferred by you. 

3- Data privacy policy?

Data privacy policy of songbeatle x rainvas is that we don't share your write up to anyone, even artist knows clients name when they ask to add in their lyrics. All your data is safe with us. Finished song still remains the property of songbeatle and client cannot make its commercial use.

 4- What is the delivery timeline?

Normal delivery time is between 8 to 10 days. If you want early delivery then extra charges are applicable.

5- What is Acoustic and Studio versions?

In Acoustic, vocals and guitar is recorded together whereas in Studio version all music elements are recorded separately, mixed and mastered together.
There are less number of music elements in Acoustic than in Studio version. Normally speaking Acoustic is like live singing that is recorded and cleaned.

6- Where can I listen to your previous work and can you provide some samples?

Yes, Watch or listen to our previous custom songs here -

Hindi studio version

Hindi acoustic version

Tamil custom songs

Other languages and versions

7- Do you upload the songs on spotify?

It is one of our services yet to be rolled out however, the songs will be uploaded and remain copyrighted under our artists and songbeatle only.

Charges will be as applicable

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