About us

"Welcome to the handcrafted world"

Our Legacy

Rolled out in 2018, we are a team of creatively empowered people who believe in providing the most unique designs. We strive to craft customized designs and products for our customers. 

We make gifts (obviously!) and we make friends. Yes. Join our Instagram community and let's greet each other personally.

We are a small business with big goals and have made a fandom community of our own with our audience and brand. We can't wait for you to be a part of our fandom and try our products. Buying from us would not just mean adding to our sales but also an effort towards the upliftment of the "handicrafts industry of India".

What makes us special? "You don't just buy a product, you experience it"

India's diversity is renowned, therefore our team also includes crafters from different communities of the society. Despite being diverse, we have the same ideology that is Rainvas and by being our customer you will join the family. We always keep in touch with our customers no matter how big or small the purchase is or was. Even our products show the differences in themselves. Each of them is unique but under the same umbrella. We proudly stand together to deliver the best. We make sure our customers are an integral part of the "making process". We involve our clients at each stage of the making of their special custom made product, so you don't just receive a beautiful product but feel and experience the beauty right from its inception.

About the founder

Kalyani Sankrityayan is the sole founder of Rainvas and hails from Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh. Coming from a family of academicians, it was a challenge to land into the field of entrepreneurship. She embarked upon her journey right after graduating school, motive behind that was to make extra bucks during college besides not to waste her inborn artistic skills and soon transitioned it into a full-time business. Without any knowledge or background of entrepreneurship, not even from her extended family, she took a risk rolling out a career in art and business. Over the years, she has gained popularity for her fandom-based handicrafts, especially the Harry Potter series. Been featured in magazines, entrepreneurial websites, and blogs, her long-term goals for the brand comprise not only building a unique selling point but also employing and supporting other artists and women like herself who are struggling to get recognition for their skills. On asking what the definition of success is for her, she says, "Success is overrated. I don't see success in materialistic things. We can be rich one day and poor the next. For me, if I go to bed happy today, that means I succeeded in the goal that I had set for myself this morning. Happiness for me comes from doing what I love, helping to uplift others like me and spreading positivity."

Along the way,

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Our mission

Just like our name Rainbow on the canvas (shortened to Rainvas), we want to be the rainbow to everyone's lives. We wish to express happiness in the form of colors with our gifts, home decors, jewellery and other quirky products to not only in the worlds of our customers but also those who are skilled to craft happiness and want to be a part of our team to earn a living out of their talents.