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Custom made Anniversary newspaper with photo messages and headlines

Custom made Anniversary newspaper with photo messages and headlines

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Celebrate the special day with a customized newspaper! This unique and personalized anniversary gift offers a nostalgic and meaningful way to mark any special occasion. Capture the essence of the love and commitment shared by creating an anniversary newspaper – perfect for a milestone celebration!

Please note that it is a handmade product and thus do not expect an exact replica of this product. The headlines and content should be given by the customer themselves. We will only design the templates and print the newspaper.
Pages - 4
Layouts - 8
Size- A4

Material / Ingredients

Printed on glossy sheets

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Once you have placed an order, we will reach out to you on Whatsapp/ Email to collect required details for the order within 24 hours.

Shipping and returns

- Shipped within 3-4 working days of placing an order.
- Returns are acceptable for wrong / defective products only.
- You cannot cancel your order while your order is already in making. Please go through our exchange and return policy strictly before placing an order.

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Answers to common questions

How long will it take to deliver my product?

The common manufacturing time is 3-4 business days and shipping time is 4-6 business days depending on your location from our select warehouse

Can I return my product?

Not if it was customised. We only accept returns for damaged or wrongly delivered products and more details about this is available here

How to send customisation details?

Ping us on whatsapp at +91 92190 88274