Meet the Makers: A Close Look at Our Exceptional Artists

Meet the Makers: A Close Look at Our Exceptional Artists

You've marveled at our exquisite designs and creatives, but have you ever pondered about the creative minds behind them?
Allow me a moment to shine a spotlight on our brilliant artists, individuals who've poured their life's dedication into the art of handcrafting. Among them, we have skilled jewellery makers, crochet artists, candle artisans, and creators of handmade soaps and skincare.
No more delaying, let's dive right in and meet...

Prapti Satani

Meet Prapti, a mother of two, whose journey into the world of artisanal jewelry began with a simple scroll through Instagram. Intrigued and inspired by a video, she took a bold leap, investing ₹1295 in materials to kickstart her inaugural collection. This wasn't just a creative endeavor for Prapti; it was a strategic move to support her husband's home loan while aiming for financial independence.

Her determination bore fruit with her first order, a ₹600 creation that found a home in Mumbai. This initial success fueled Prapti's ambition. Balancing the roles of a devoted housewife and an aspiring businesswoman, she seeks not only to create beautiful pieces but also to carve a niche for herself in the entrepreneurial landscape. Prapti's story embodies the pursuit of personal and professional fulfillment, a testament to the incredible journey of crafting a harmonious life.

If you wish to support her dreams you can shop for Prapti's collection here

Megha Mittal

Megha, the creative force behind this enchanting endeavor, opens a door to her little dream of handmade Macramé and Crochet Handbags, Jewelry, Boho Decor, and Gifts. As a mother of two adorable and mischievous kids and a wife to a caring and exceptionally supportive husband, Megha's second maternity break reignited her long-lost passion for creating handcrafted, sustainable, and eco-friendly products. With the discovery of this beautiful skill, she embarked on a professional journey, infusing her creations with love and dedication.

Megha decided to join hands with Rainvas as a designer and seller in 2022 and thus started our journeys together. 

Show your support and check out Megha's marvelous collection here 

Anuja Tandon

Anuja, a devoted mother to an energetic young boy, embarked on her creative journey when she faced the challenge of finding suitable skincare and bath solutions for herself and her sensitive-skinned baby during and post-pregnancy. Fueled by the desire to address this gap, she initially crafted her own soaps without any intention of commercialization. However, her passion led her to establish the brand Sobek Naturals, offering a diverse range of mass-produced soaps, scrubs, facewashes, and other bath and body products. The brand's commitment to sustainability and eco-friendliness is evident in its plastic-free and upcycled packaging, a conscious choice that resonated with a growing audience seeking environmentally responsible alternatives.

The success of Sobek Naturals extends beyond the borders of India, with global demand for its products. Anuja's entrepreneurial spirit took a meaningful turn in 2021 during the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic when she forged a collaboration with Rainvas. This partnership marks a significant chapter in both their journeys, combining their strengths and visions for a more sustainable and conscious future.


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Hiral Shah

Hiral's story resonates deeply with the spirit of our brand. After years of working in a corporate job, she faced a turning point when the responsibilities of motherhood made her previous career unfeasible. Determined to embrace a fulfilling and creative endeavor while also achieving independence, she embarked on a journey that led her to start her own jewelry business. Today, as a proud and independent mother, she finds immense joy in curating beautiful handmade pieces for our valued customers. Her story is a testament to the empowerment that comes from pursuing one's dreams and crafting a life that truly reflects your values.

Support and empower Hiral by shopping from her collection

With loving mothers and inspirational women supporting Rainvas, we are confident in standing out as a prominent brand in the small business industry. Every product is meticulously crafted by a caring mother or a dedicated artist, somewhere far away from you in a city in India, making us the embodiment of a rainbow on canvas, where diverse colors converge to form something beautiful.

Handmade is our last name!


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