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5 Evergreen Navratri Jewelry Styles : Bollywood inspired

It is so exhausting, even when our closets are full, that urge to still need more because you simply do not have "anything to wear". Well, I cannot guide you and shower you with outfit ideas yet but yes, if you have already selected an outfit, then I can sure help you finding the right jewellery to pair it with!

Let me walk you through some of my personal inspirations -

1- The garba queen 

Who would forget to remember our beloved Daya Bhabhi when it comes to Durga pooja, Navratri events and garba? 

If you have noticed, she is always full with heavy colorful jewellery from head to toe, be it detailed with shells (cowry), mirrors and threads or oxidized, she is always the best at creating authentic Gujarati look.

Picture source : unknown

Well if you have an outfit which is plain and simple, try out some oxidized head locket (maangtika) with heavy necklace and bangles to complete the look and go Garba like our Garba queen.

2- Choker look for Navratri

Ah, the choker adds a touch of versatility to your Navratri ensemble. My recommendation? Opt for personalized choker jewelry. Why, you ask?

Chokers come in two distinct styles: understated and minimalist, ideal for complementing elaborate chaniya cholis, or vibrant and intricately adorned with beads, perfect for enhancing the charm of a simple saree or chaniya choli ensemble.

Picture source: Pinterest

Depending on your outfit, give chokers a try this year.

Let me help you with some choker inspirations 

3- Leela Jaisi Koi nahi : Deepika's timeless look

Undoubtedly, the iconic looks from the movie Ram Leela continue to inspire us even today. Their timeless appeal remains so relevant that we can effortlessly emulate these styles without any fear of appearing outdated.

Deepika padukone garba look

Deepika AKA Leela with her gorgeous red black and white Chaniya Choli completes her look with heavy earrings and some bangles. This is perfect if you wish to show off a little bit of your neckline and flaunt your collar bones ;)

Navratri oxidised earrings

4- Go back to the older times : Aishwarya's Garba look

I am talking about the timeless beauty and fashion inspiration back from the times when Aishwarya and Kareena Kapoor mesmerized all of us with their enduring looks and accessories. 

With hair elegantly pulled back, adorned with a traditional baju band, complemented by the jingling of bangles and the allure of jhumke earrings, topped off with a statement necklace, you'll undoubtedly capture everyone's attention. Give it a try this time and become the talk of the town.

5- Funky Navratri look

Things are changing and "funk" is the talk of the hour. Specially if you are a fashionista, I understand "copying" or getting "inspired" by someone else's look is not your thing. 

You want to invent your own trends and be discovered as trend setter. Well sure then, try out some cool casual jewellery this time with your fav outfit and create an indo western garba look to blow minds.

Explore some "never goes out of style" Navratri and Garba handmade jewellery straight from Gujarat's womb in your wardrobe. And hey, here's an added bonus: we also offer customization services! If you want your jewelry to perfectly match the colors of your stunning outfits, we've got you covered.


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